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Thank you so much for participating in our Love Me Some REFIT® Campaign! The campaign levels have closed, but if you still want to be a part of what we’re doing at our new Studio + HQ, don’t worry — You can still make a donation under GIVE LOVE below, and anything over $25 will be recognized on our donor wall!

The LOVE ME SOME REFIT Campaign ended Monday, September 17th!

Any shipped items will be received in 4-6 weeks!


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FREE TO GIVE - This level allows you to give whatever amount you'd like to contribute to the campaign!  Your name will be added to our donor wall for any gift over $25.

Donate Now



1 - A Little Love.png

THE ULTIMATE HIGH FIVE - A little goes a long way, and your $5 donation can make big impact on our big dreams!  As an added thank you, you'll see a social media "high five" come your way when we give you a shout out for your generosity!                                                                                                                                       


2 - Always Love You.png

STUDIO MIRRORS - Give the gift that reflects the beauty of this community by helping us purchase mirrors for our studio!   As an added bonus, we’ll send you a compact mirror of your own to remind you of the impact you've made on this community. 

 Illustration by WallTat  


3 - Show Some Love.png

LIFE SIZE POM POM INTERACTIVE - Cheer on fellow REFIT community members as they make their way to their workout!  Your customized streamer will show your support with your name and favorite encouragement printed on the front.  These streamers will be suspended from the ceiling in the hallway leading to the fitness studio.       



4 - Love Handles.png

"LOVE ME SOME REFIT" SHIRT - Nothing says "I LOVE REFIT" better than an exclusive tee just for you!  Give toward this item and receive a tshirt that says "LOVE ME SOME REFIT" on the front, and get ready to make lots of conversation with people who want to know more about your passion.                                                     


5 - Send My Love.png

LETTERS FROM ACE - Want a pen pal?  Founders, Angela, Catherine and Emily are ready to send you -- or a friend -- a handwritten "love note" in the mail.  If you know someone who would love a handwritten card from "ACE" -- then this is the donation level for you!  LIMITED only 100 available.                                                        


6 - Love Lockdown.png

CUSTOM LOCKER INSCRIPTION - You inspire us, so why not inspire our studio participants? Donate at this level, and you'll create a customized quote or encouragement to be placed inside a locker.  This is a great opportunity to cheer on those who show up to workout -- and they'll see a custom "love note" from you!  LIMITED only 67 available.



8 - Love Potion #9.png

REFIT DVD BUNDLE -  The original REFIT DVD 1 + DVD 2 have been resurrected from our archives, and you can grab a copy of this DVD bundle for just $50!  This is a true piece of REFIT history that has been sold out for months.  Grab a set for yourself -- and perhaps a gift for others?                                                                                 


8 - Love Potion #9.png

FAVORITE THINGS BOX - We’ve compiled a few of ACE’s favorite things and dropping them in the mail just for you!  These hand selected item are tried and true items that Angela, Catherine and Emily personally recommend.  Don't miss your opportunity for this one-of-a-kind gift box.  LIMITED only 50 available.                                                                                                                   


10 - Love Seat.png

MEMORIALIZE AN OFFICE CHAIR - Want to be an honorary member of the REFIT HQ staff? Donate here and get your name on one of the official HQ office chairs!  Your contribution at this level will purchase an office chair for the new REFIT conference room, and you'll always have a seat at the table.  LIMITED only 20 available.



11 - A Thousand Miles.png

ONLINE INSTRUCTOR TRAINING - So you want to become a REFIT® instructor with your whole heart but you just can’t get to a training…we understand! Purchase an ONLINE INSTRUCTOR TRAINING and you can join the REFIT Instructor community from the convenience of your own home!  The online training has never been offered before, so you'll be creating REFIT history by joining the first-ever online training class!  LIMITED only 50 available.                                               


13 - Welcome Home Party.png

"WHEN IN WACO" EXPERIENCE - We’re throwing you and a guest the ultimate welcome home party.  Privately tour the brand new REFIT® studio, grab lunch with ACE, and receive a customized itinerary of all our recommended Waco hotspots! LIMITED only 5 available.



14 - Crash Your Class.png

INVITE THE FOUNDERS TO CRASH YOUR REFIT CLASS - does that sound scary or exciting?  Well, the party is up to you!   Angela, Catherine and Emily will make their way to one of your REFIT classes, hang with your posse and grab dinner with your crew.  This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be filled with fond memories!  LIMITED only 5 available.                                                                                                                           


In 2009, three girls from Waco, Texas, turned a hobby into a revolution, and opened up the first and only REFIT studio using a box of donations they had saved from the previous year.  It wasn’t much, but we had enough for first month’s rent, deposit and minimal repairs. We then turned our attention to formalizing the REFIT business, and while many startups first focus on investors and venture capitalists -- we focused on creating two quality products: instructor trainings & DVDs.  We took no salary for the first few years, and the amount of blood, sweat and tears we poured into this revolution is something we’ll forever look back on with pride and astonishment.

Many of you not only know this story, but you actually lived it with us! Your support and encouragement has given us the wings to fly and the means to build this life-changing revolution.  Your support and encouragement also makes you more than just “fans” or “family” -- it makes you investors and stakeholders in our company.

As figurative stakeholders in this incredible business, it’s important that we update you on a big announcement:  REFIT® recently acquired a building to house our local and on-line studio, fulfillment center and corporate offices.  We are incredibly excited about this growth and the opportunities the new location will afford us, but we’re also equally FREAKED OUT.

Here’s what you need to know about WHY this building is an exciting opportunity for the future of REFIT:

  • Creating a space for community is important both on and off the dance floor.  In our current studio, we are unable to offer community spaces beyond the workout space. In the new building we will have a common area, lobby and locker rooms - plenty of space for conversations and community-building!  

  • Our staff is currently split between two locations (REFIT Studio and HQ Offices) and this often feels like a family members living in two separate houses.  

  • Our fulfillment center will increase our ability to stock more merchandise, reduce fulfillment errors and expedite shipping

  • A larger space means the ability to use the building to host onsite trainings and events

  • REFIT On Demand will get a facelift, which will result in a better quality user experience

And here’s what you need to know about why we’re FREAKED OUT:

  • Money

  • Money

  • Money

We want to be good stewards of the support and encouragement you, our investors, have given us, and as we look toward this next step in the REFIT journey, we are hopeful but cautious..  With this at the center of our hearts, we come to you again -- nearing the 5 year anniversary of REFIT® -- to ask again for your support and encouragement.

We’ve launched a LOVE ME SOME REFIT fundraiser, and we hope you’ll consider showing us some love by donating at on or more of the donor levels.  

Your gift of love, large or small, is a reminder of all that we have accomplished together -- and all that we will accomplish again!  If REFIT has touched your life in any way, shape or form, we would love your consideration in supporting the LOVE ME SOME REFIT fundraising campaign.

And in case you didn’t already know:  WE LOVE YOU!

Angela Beeler, Catherine Ballas & Emily Field

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